About us

Akacia Café is a cultural hub that welcomes everybody and where the Botswana spirit of Botho is always present.

- Dumelang!

I'm Ednah Rosen, I am a Motswana with a multi cultural backgound. My mother is from Botswana, my father had Portuguese and Moçambiquean roots and I partly grew up in Zimbabwe. And this mix continues down the generations of my family. 

Experiencing different cultures has meant a lot to me. To be able to  embrace people with different backgrounds. In my world everybody is a star, unless they want to prove me wrong, but to me it's always important to keep an open mind!

Akacia Café is a cultural hub that welcomes everybody and where the Botswana spirit of Botho is always present.


As a young and adventurous lady I met a Swedish boyfriend in Botswana and did not hesitate to move to Sweden. I loved my country, Botswana, but there was too much to explore in the world for a curious being like me!

In Sweden I had so much beautiful experiences of living in a multi cultural society. It's so rich and dynamic and it can cater for everybody. I was running my own café at 'Söder', a central part of the capital Stockholm, called 'Okavango, the meeting place'.

In Sweden I always got the questions about my culture in general and what food we eat in particular. That's when I started dreaming about writing my own Setswana Cookbook. 


Some ideas starts with a problem and some with love.
Ours starts with love and passion.
I was brought up by an amazing woman, my mom with an amazing story. As a young woman she got into an arranged marriage as it was a norm during those days. She was not allowed to go to school as she had wished. My mother is intelligent, fun and loving, but her life journey made her hard. I grow up feeling she was too hard on me. There was a period in my young life where I also felt she had  ruined my life, as many of us sometimes feel in life. But as life went on I started to realize that she was preparing me for life as woman. That I had to take care of myself and make my own choices and be bold.

I love my mother to the moon and back. She is 82 years and she's still like a young girl. She inspires me and we laugh so much together. My mother learnt how to write and read as a grown up. She always told me as long as you can count money you are sorted. So she brought us up with creativity and the ability to count money.
She baked, knitted school uniform jerseys, sew clothes, loved gardening and was always an open soul to creativity. She taught me to be be a jack of all trades and master of all ;)
Akacia cafe is about the spirit of this woman. Positivity, happiness, love and understanding.

My mother is the youngest old person I know.

Coming back to Botswana I started to collect recipes and do my researching in our local cuisine and it all ended up in my cookbook 'Taste of Botswana'. My passion for running a Café / Restaurant never stopped, and I am now happy and proud to welcome you to my culinary space and the cultural hub of AKACIA CAFÉ. Yes it is a dream come true and I wish you all welcome to come and share this vision and dream of mine.